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A year ago today we were making the last preparations for a pretty big party at SXSW in Austin, Texas, where we launched Internet Explorer 9 to the world.

This year we’ll be back in Austin again, sharing some love with the developers and designers who are making a more beautiful web for all of us. The easiest way to stay in touch with what we’re up to is to follow us on Twitter – we’ll be Tweeting some updates throughout the next week.

Here’s a couple of the things the team has planned.

SXSW Interactive Live Streaming

Internet Explorer is the official sponsor of the SXSW Interactive Live Streaming Events! Check out the full schedule here – nearly 20 different keynotes and presentations during the five days of SXSW Interactive will be streamed live and then available on demand.

The streams will be best viewed in Internet Explorer 9. So even if you couldn’t make it down to Austin this year, you can still get in on some of the best content SXSW Interactive has to offer.

And again, you can check it all out at

Pandora Discovery Den at Antone’s

The Internet Explorer team is sticking around for some music this year – hanging with our friends at Pandora!

Pandora is all about music discovery, and since the launch of Internet Explorer 9 last year they’ve been one great example of a site you love being one-click away on your Windows 7 taskbar. Check out their page in the Internet Explorer Gallery where you can pin Pandora to your taskbar and get a custom jump list and more.

It’s Pandora’s first year in Austin for SXSW Music and they’re not messing around – they’ve taken over the historic Austin music venue Antone’s for four days to create the Pandora Discovery Den at Antone’s. It’s a packed schedule of music each day, highlighting some up-and-coming acts across genres from indie rock, to hip-hop, to Americana.

So what’s the Internet Explorer angle? We’ll be hanging out in the Discovery Den VIP lounge, getting a great view of the stage, highlighting some of the cool things sites have been doing with HTML5, and showing people the power of pinning Pandora with Internet Explorer 9! We’re also sponsoring the Pandora Discovery Den online hub and mixtape, which will be available shortly after the event.

If you want to join us in the lounge, it’s another reason to watch us on Twitter. We’ll be giving away some wristbands and other goodies over the four days so you can get VIP access to the music.

So will you be down in Austin? Send us a note on Twitter and watch for updates throughout the next week! We’ll be back next week with some pictures and recaps as well.

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