Latest Angry Birds games arrive for Windows Phone 7.5

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Rovio announced today that new Windows Phone 7.5 versions of its space-themed megahits—Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars—have arrived in the Windows Phone Store. Grab the 99-cent titles here:

Buy Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows Phone 7.5

Buy Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone 7.5

The games arrived in the Store just about a month after the debut of the Windows Phone 8 versions. “We promised it wouldn’t be long and we always keep our promises,” Rovio explained today in a guest post on the Nokia Conversations blog. The company also said that “with a little bit of Angry Birds magic and some help from Nokia” these new versions can also run on lower-memory Nokia models such as the Lumia 510 and 610.


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nice game its free?   Cool

nice game its free?
Cool Math Games

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Unfortunatly these games are

Unfortunatly these games are not free.  Both are $0.99 from the Windows Store.

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