PMK Customs Gets a Web Makeover with Help from Internet Explorer

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Over the course of the past year, the IE team has brought creative, fun and immersive experiences to life online through the browser in an effort to show how cool and touch-friendly the web can be. Today we’re excited about a collaboration we have with PMK Customs to release their PMK Design Labs, an interactive shoe design site that gives you control over colors to make your sneaker even more personal, custom and creative.

We were inspired by the PMK Customs story as a successful small business, and saw an opportunity to use HTML5 and touch functionality to strengthen their website and make an experience that’s easier for their customers to use. Building on the custom sneaker culture started by Tinker Hatfield, Jeremy Scott, Sekure D, Dave White and AJ Ballard, PMK Customs is looked at as leaders in the growing community and culture of custom sneakers.


For small businesses, their website is mission critical marketing and sales vehicle. In working with the Internet Explorer team, PMK Customs set out to prove that creating an engaging website is not just reserved for big companies with big budgets. But in fact, with little time and investment, businesses of all sizes can create web experiences that feel more like an app, that take advantage of the inclusiveness of the web, and provide rich and exciting new opportunities. All of which go a long way to increasing their business. Additionally, building websites in modern browsers like Internet Explorer 10 come with the added confidence that IE’s support for modern web standards and fast HTML5 rendering means that sites will work across multiple devices and modern browsers. Small business developers need only have to write their code once – so they can spend more of their time building these rich and immersive experiences for their customers.

While PMK Customs started as a basic Wordpress site, the revamped site, which includes PMK Design Labs, features next-generation web technologies like HTML5, multi-touch gestures, an adaptive design layout that adjusts to screen size, Windows 8 features such as site pinning and snap view, and performance optimization for low-power tablets running ARM processors, like Surface RT. For more detailed information on the technologies used, check out the behind the scenes on the site.

What are you waiting for? Get your creative juices flowing by designing your own sweet pair of sneakers at - and be sure to check out how developing for IE10 can be good for businesses of any size.

Roger Capriotti

Director, Internet Explorer Marketing

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