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Internet Explorer 10 Now Available with Windows 8

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Today, the Windows team shared that after much anticipation, Windows 8 is available to the world.

Windows 8 represents a tremendous step forward in reimagining what people can expect from the devices in their life – whether PC, tablet, or something that can be both.

The entirely new Internet Explorer 10 is a huge part of the reimagined Windows experience.

Internet Explorer 10 May Score Well with RoboHornet, But It’s Even Better for Web Browsing in the Real World

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Yesterday Google released its latest micro-benchmark, RoboHornet, in which Internet Explorer 10 scores rather well.  While we appreciate the gesture, members of our engineering team took a look at the benchmark and found that RoboHornet isn’t all that representative of the performance users might encounter on real-world sites. Like all micro-benchmarks, RoboHornet is a lab test that only focuses on specific aspects of browser performance.

Windows AppFest – An 18 Hour Coding Marathon #Windows8AppFest

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I am incredibly excited to see what kinds of apps developers build for Windows. I make it a habit to regularly check the Windows Store for new and interesting apps. I remember over a year ago this week, we previewed Windows 8 to developers for the first time (wow, has it really been a year?!) and I got to witness their excitement first-hand.

Browse Without Being Browsed

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Privacy is in the news again today.  Apparently, Google has been able to track users of Apple’s Safari browser while they surf the web on their Apple iPhones, iPads and Macs.  This type of tracking by Google is not new.  The novelty here is that Google apparently circu


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There is more choice than ever when it comes to browsers today. This is a fantastic thing and we believe that choice makes the web better for all of us.

We build IE for customers who use Windows. IE9 is the browser designed to give Windows 7 customers the fastest, safest, and most private browsing experience – putting the focus on the thing that matters most – your favorite sites.

If you haven’t had a look at IE recently and are ready for change, here are some reasons we think IE9 might be the browser for you.

IE9 Share on Windows 7 Keeps Moving Along – Nearly 35% in the US

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On Friday, we mentioned that things were looking up for developers interested in building the latest set of web experiences for a modern browser like IE9. The good news for developers is that with IE9 at almost 35% share on Windows 7 in the US near the close of October - now 65% of all Windows 7 users in the US have a modern browser!

A thoughtful approach to measuring browser adoption

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There certainly appears to be more than a little enthusiasm for browser numbers these days, and it’s great to see early adopters adopting the latest browsers across the industry. With Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4.0, and Chrome 10 all hitting their final releases recently, drawing instant comparisons around downloads or initial usage is a natural temptation, but unfortunately you can’t do it quite yet. Here’s why.

IE9 Reaches 36 Million Downloads; Internet Explorer Share Grows

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Last month, we saw share of both Internet Explorer 8 and 9 grow, and we’re pleased to see that momentum continue in February with the availability of the IE9 Release Candidate.  Since its release on February 10th, the IE9 RC has already been downloaded over 11 million times.  Together with the IE9 Beta, IE9 has been downloaded over 36 million times since its initial availability on September 15, 2010.

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