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Continued Growth for Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7

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Spring is in the air, and April proved to be another great month for the IE team.  In our continued efforts to support the HTML5 platform, we partnered with teen music artist Jasmine Villegas to launch an interactive music video, and also launched an online throwback to arcade games, based on the popular Marshmallow People online video series.

Counting Down Internet Explorer 6 Usage Share

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On this day a year ago, Aten Design Group hosted a funeral for IE6 in Denver, Colorado. We heard about it and sent flowers. While the funeral gave a strong indication of the desire to rid the world of IE6, the browser still has a presence. So today, we bring you the next step in our mission to see IE6 gone for good.

IE9 Reaches 36 Million Downloads; Internet Explorer Share Grows

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Last month, we saw share of both Internet Explorer 8 and 9 grow, and we’re pleased to see that momentum continue in February with the availability of the IE9 Release Candidate.  Since its release on February 10th, the IE9 RC has already been downloaded over 11 million times.  Together with the IE9 Beta, IE9 has been downloaded over 36 million times since its initial availability on September 15, 2010.

Internet Explorer 9 RC Hits 2 Million Downloads

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Just a few days after its public availability, customers have already downloaded Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate two million times and taken it for a spin.  As you may have seen on our engineering blog, current IE9 Beta users will be prompted to download RC via Windows Update this month.  However, even as these prompts are starting to kick into gear, we have had two million user-initiated downloads of IE9 RC.  We continue to be humbled by the ent

A New Browser for the New Year - IE9 Hits 20 Million Downloads

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As 2010 comes to an end, we wanted to take a look at the changes this last year in the IE world.  At end of 2009, IE 6 and IE7 accounted for 38.51% of internet users, while IE8 had 24.15% of users worldwide.  Fast forward twelve months later, IE6 and IE7 have shed over 40% of users and now only account for 22.98% of users worldwide - with IE6 hitting an all-time low of 13.81%.  IE8 usage on the other hand has increased by almost 40% during the same time.  Combined with the near half-percent of users of newly introduced IE9 Beta, the modern Internet Explorer browsers now account for

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