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Update to the SkyDrive desktop app for Windows

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Today, many SkyDrive users may notice an automatic update to SkyDrive for Windows (Version 16.4.6003.0710).

Most of the changes in this update aren't really visible. Millions of people depend on SkyDrive to automatically sync files, so as with most updates, this one improves performance, reliability, and compatibility of SkyDrive.

However, there are a couple things you might notice in this update:

From Baseball to Birthdays, Image Sharing with SkyDrive

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In a former life, Carissa Rogers was a molecular biologist. In her current life, she is the chief researcher of bloggy karma, parenting dos (and some don’ts), new recipes, and for spice she pretends to be a photographer. She has been blogging since February of 2008, and when she isn’t carpooling, volunteering and lots of other –ings, she writes freelance and publishes her good & crazy thoughts on

Updates to the SkyDrive apps for Windows and Mac

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Last month we released preview versions of SkyDrive for Windows and OS X Lion, along with big updates to our iOS and Windows Phone apps. We also announced a new, more flexible approach to personal cloud storage that allows power users to get additional paid storage up to 100GB.

Sweet! It’s a cake contest to win a Windows Phone

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We think our Start screen is pretty sweet. cakeBut have you ever seen a cake shaped like a Windows Phone?

Shorter, more useful links with SDRV.MS

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If you’re like most people, when you share files via SkyDrive you typically do so directly via email. This is one reason we built the connected address book, bringing together your friends’ addresses across Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.  Another benefit: when you share photos via email, your friends get a beautiful email with thumbnail previews.

We’re giving away a Nokia Lumia 900 on Pinterest

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If you had more free time, would you spend it on Pinterest? We're giving away a new Lumia 900 on Pinterest!

I hope so, because that’s where we’re giving away a shiny new Nokia Lumia 900. Here’s how to enter:

An even faster version of SkyDrive

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The past year has been an amazing time here on the SkyDrive team. We’re all very eager to ship the work we announced in our next release, but we can’t just sit back and relax. Like a shark, we have to keep moving forward. As we started to think about the next generation interface for SkyDrive, we needed something fresh.

SkyDrive and Windows 8

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Mike Torres and I just shared a post and video on the Building Windows 8 blog that details a key step we are taking with Windows 8 towards our vision of personal cloud storage.  The post describes how we plan to scale our services to billions of p

Now in Marketplace: SkyDrive and Lync 2010

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Two handy and much-anticipated new Microsoft apps for Windows Phone were headed to Marketplace this week. Here’s a peek:


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